Thursday, May 20, 2010

Final Hike of the Season and Last Coffee Break

We checked out of 125 Tranquil Ave on Saturday morning and headed for Bill and Sarah's place. The last thing we did was pack up some of the leftover liquor that we could not throw out. We had some booze left by our visitors plus I had what was left of a bottle of gin I bought on arrival. I packed the bottles to bring to the Sullivans house and Judy suggested I just put the gin in a water bottle and throw out the big bottle. I did that and we brought the remnants to the Sullivans.

For our last hike, Sarah had done a little research and found an interesting place north of Flagstaff called Red Mountain. As it turned out, it was 60 miles from Sedona, but, in the west, that is just around the corner. This was a real "find". It was a 1.5 mile hike into the partial crater of a volcano. There were many volcanos in Northern Arizona that erupted around 1000 AD. This may have been one of them. Anyway, the ash from the volcano gave way to a soft sandstone-like rock that made for a beautiful and interesting formation with the grey ash merging with the light tan sandstone. Here are a few photos of the Red Mountain trail.

Here you can see the grey volcanic ash with the lighter sandstone in the background.

This one shows Bill climbing into the sandstone layer.

Now, I suppose you are wondering why I brought up the liquor... Here goes. Judy made coffee in our downstairs guest suite from some of the water in our leftover water bottles. Day one, the coffee was fine. On the second day, she told me to taste the coffee, but to do it over the sink. I should have been suspicious, but I just drank it anyway. I nearly gagged and did a spit take and said, "did you make this out of some old medicine?". She said she had just used the water in one of the water bottles. Click! I knew instantly what was wrong. She had made the coffee with the gin. Not something I would recommend.


  1. The gin coffee story is priceless! Happy trails, Tony and Judy. See you next year?

  2. Hey Michael, we have rented a house about 1/4 mile north of Uptown Sedona on 89A for next year. So, we'll be back and I look forward to seeing you guys again next year. I'll be checking your blog.

  3. Judy gets another gold star for being a great sport and taking this hike even though her leg was swollen and sore. We were all amazed by the scenery and once again commented on how many things there are to see in this part of the country. We keep finding new places.