Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Le Retour des Bornstains

This is the third year that Jacques and Claire have shared time with us here in Sedona. They love the air, landscape, hiking, everything. And Jacques likes to celebrate his birthday here. This year he celebrated HIS birthday by taking US out to lunch at the El Tovar Lodge on the rim of the Grand Canyon. What a way to celebrate. We had a great lunch...

(I guess I could have had them actually pose for this picture.)

and the scenery, Fuggedaboudit!

They both love hiking so we were on the trails a lot. Here are some photos of our hikes.
On the backside of Courthouse Rock

Jacques and I at Chicken Point on the Broken Arrow Trail

Decision making on Cowpie Trail

The hikers coming down from one of the "cowpies"

Page was on Jacque's list this year. So we packed up early one morning and headed north. Unfortunately, Claire had come down with a bronchitis so she couldn't make the trip. It took a little over 3 hours to get to Antelope Canyon in Page. Jacques was astonished at the natural beauty of the slot canyon and only regretted that Claire wasn't there.
Here is Jacques entering the darkness of the slot canyon.

And a great photo of Jacques, Judy and me taken by our Navajo guide, Buddy.
From there we made a quick stop at the Glen Canyon dam which created Lake Powell and controls the eastern end of the Colorado. Our last stop before heading back to Sedona was another amazing natural thing of beauty.
What are these 4 looking at?

or these guys perched on the edge of a 1500 ft cliff?

Yup, you guessed it, Horseshoe Bend

But, the two weeks passed quickly and before you knew it they had to pack up their rental and head to Phoenix for their long flight back to Paris. A bientot.

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