Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Joys of Taking the Back Roads

While driving along a stretch of secondary road, I spotted a horse standing in a field. Nothing too unusual as there were lots of cattle and horses grazing in fields along the way. But, as I passed by, I saw something on the ground below the horse, which, in a fraction of a second, I thought was a dead colt. But at that moment, it raised its head for a second. I turned the Jeep around and walked to the edge of the field to take some pictures. Sure enough, it was new born colt just becoming aware of its new existance.

This colt was only recently born as we saw it try to stand and take its first steps. Unfortuately, I only got a photo of the sky when the colt stood for the first time.

But very quickly, it was on its feet and feeding. By the time I got back in the Jeep and was heading in the right direction, the colt was already jogging around the field under the protection of its mother.

This was really an interesting natural experience. I was so happy we were taking the back roads for some of our travels.


  1. Yeah, it was pretty cool. I saw it take it's first steps but my camera was pointed at the sky.