Sunday, January 25, 2009

Off and Running, sort of....

Hi everyone,This is the first entry in my first blog. When we decided to take this trip to Sedona, the land of the Red Rocks, many people asked us to keep them informed of what was going on. So, at the insistence of some friends, I decided to create this blog for myself as well as anyone else who might be interested.

We started our trip on the 24th of January. We made it as far as Scranton PA where we are visiting our cousin who is a sophomore at the U of Scranton. His family from NJ joined us for a couple days in the land of Dunder-Mifflin Paper Co. That's all I have to say about Scranton. Coincidentally, we have already stayed at this Fairfield Inn one other time in the past on our way south. What are the odds of being in Scranton twice, let alone staying at the same hotel.

As for other news at the moment, Judy has had a sore ankle since she twisted it last summer, walking in sand. Well, she finally went to the doctor and had an X-ray and MRI. She has a longitudinal tear in a tendon in her ankle which will require surgery. It is the ankle on her "good" leg, so that one will be out of order for a few months once we decide when to have the surgery. That will be after we get back from Sedona. She should be able to hike on some of the trails she would have been able to hike on considering her bad left knee. Our cousin, here in Scranton, is studying to be a Physical Therapist. He may take Judy on as a sophomore project.

Well, that's for now. I'm going to see how this looks and what other options I have in this blog.


  1. What?! Judy needs surgery!? Wow! Keep us posted on that.

    Looking forward to following your progress. Enjoy!

  2. Yup, we'll have to plan the surgery around our vacations and the seasons. It will not heal on its own and she will need to be in a cast or boot for up to 3 months. So, we'll pick a time when she won't need to walk to much and before the next winter arrives.