Friday, January 30, 2009

This is weird...

One more coincidence. This morning in the breakfast room I picked up an old Newsweek from November 08. When I opened it I found a big article about Andrew Jackson and what affect his presidency has on current day politics. Other than being on a $20 bill, I never knew that much about him, now I can't stop seeing him everywhere... OK, enough about Old Hickory.


  1. IF you guys ever want to drive across Sudan, just let me know ;)

    Sounds like are having a lot of fun and I am super jealous of your visit to the legardy Waffle House!

  2. We toured the Hermitage in '72 on our way to visit Tulsa. Ticket seller look one look at our license plate, Gene's long curly sideburns and wanted to know if he was one of them Kennedy boys.

  3. It was closed this time. We'll catch next time we are passing through Tennessee.

  4. I am not sure to understand this story about Andrew jackson;
    Is it true you see him everywhere ?
    may be you are carrying too much beer in your car (or a bad brand, i dont know).
    drive carefully.
    Jacques the frog