Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Wilfongs Arrive

This week, Judy's cousin, Tom Wilfong and his wife, Peggy, are enjoying the sites of Sedona. Tom, Peg and their two daughters, Rachel and Elizabeth visit us every Thanksgiving and we spend a week together at the OBX, every other summer, so this is a nice change for them to experience the southwest. After a "welcome" margarita, we took them on a ride to a couple of our favorite spots. For example, Cathedral Rock at Red Rock Crossing.

As JeepN and Hiking are big parts of our life out here, we took them on a ride and up some dusty trails. Tom and Peg really enjoyed the Jeep trek across, down and up the Diamondback Gulch. The scenery is just outstanding. Besides the fun of the gulch there are tremendous vistas and views of some of the local wild life.

We've been taking some hikes too. Today, Tom and I did the Upper Chimney Rock trail and encountered a number kids working on the trail as part of AmeriCore. They were doing a great job. While we hiked, Judy and Peg went shopping. The other day, we all took the Little Horse trail. Judy, Tom and I wanted to get to the top of the trail at Chicken Point. Peg decided to catch some rays and wait for us. The views were great from the top. Tom was anxious to tell Peg that there were horses at the top tied to some wooden thing that had branches attatched to it. I guess being from New Jersey, he'd have trouble recogonizing TREES.

Below is one final photo of the Wilfongs on the trail to the Twin Buttes. Remind you of SNL?


  1. They looked like such normal people in all the other pictures.

  2. They come from a small town in France. What a great photo!