Monday, April 12, 2010

Works in Progress (WIPs)

As usual, we are having a lot of fun with guests and other local friends and I haven't had too much time for painting. But, I have squeezed in some time and and have posted a few new works in the slide show.
When Curt, Bill and I made a trip to the Grand Canyon in late February, I was determined to try my hand at a landscape of the Canyon. The work below is from a photo I took. It was quite a challenge getting this far with it and it may be done. I will stare at it a bit for a while to see what I would need to do to complete it. I am anxious to try another one, but I think I would go with a bigger canvas. This one is 12x16.

The next painting is one I did in "plein air" along Oak Creek at Grasshopper Point. This is a spot just at the beginning of Oak Creek Canyon north of Sedona. Painting outdoors has its Perils (I'll post a few other examples later). The perils for this one were crossing the creek over rocks while carrying my equipment and ferocious wind. The creek is very high now due to snow melting and flowing downhill from Flagstaff. There was a log partway across some water to a rocky island where I wanted to set up. But the log was pretty shakey and didn't go all the way across. I couldn't see myself jumping with my paints, easel, etc. So, I had to jump from rock to rock to get across. It wasn't far, but when you are carrying stuff and the rocks are shifting, it was far enough. I pictured myself crashing into the rocks in the creek and breaking a few bones. Once on the little rocky island, I had to hold the easel so it wouldn't blow over. But that's what painting outdoors is all about.
This one still needs some study. But, at least you see that I haven't thrown my paints out.


  1. Love them Tony. Really great color!

  2. NIce light and shadow in the canyon. Looking forward to seeing more.

  3. Tony, I've been enjoying the blog. Good to see that your doing some painting!