Monday, February 13, 2012

Another day in the snow belt

We went to bed in Oklahoma City with a snow storm blowing outside. It had slowed down by the time we left in the morning and we were hoping for a smooth ride west on I-40. I wanted to stop at Washita Battlefield which is infamous in the history of Custer and his Indian Campaign in the late 1860's. There is debate over whether this was a legitimate battle with Cheyenne warriors or a massacre of innocent women and children.

Unfortunately, we hit sections of complete stoppages and saw many spin outs and multiple car/pickup accidents. Some of the vehicles were abandon, but many had the drives standing around indicating they had just happened. No injuries.

Here we are sitting for a half hour waiting for something to unclog.

We were behind by about 1 1/2 hrs getting to the Washita exit. So, although the snow and frigid temps didn't stop Custer from killing scores of Indian women and children and their chief, Black Kettle, it did stop me from making the 50 mile detour. Maybe on the way home.

But, eventually, the skies cleared and the driving became a little easier. Here we are somewhere west of Amarillo at one of our many fill-up pit stops.

Short day tomorrow to Sedona but the forecast is for a storm near the AZ/NM border, so we will try to get an early start.


  1. Loving traveling with you, Tony, but glad to not be in the traffic! Eesh. Sounds intense!

  2. It can be intense at times. All of a sudden, one comes across a solid sheet of ice on the highway and the bridges are always a problem

  3. Hope you are through all the bad stuff and almost there.