Saturday, February 25, 2012

Surprise guests

On Wednesday I got an email from my old buddy, Joe Moscatelli, that he and Carol Perry were visiting another old friend from the Honeywell days, Chick Jordan, and his wife, Shirl, in Phoenix. They thought they would come up to Sedona for lunch. I was disappointed that we hadn't gotten together with Joe and Carol before leaving so I was quite happy that he got in touch. They stopped by our place to relax a bit before we went out to L'Auberge to have lunch along Oak Creek

This is such a great spot for lunch. It was the first day that the outdoor patio was open but it was very comfortable in the warm sun. It is hard to beat the location.

After a walk along the creek, we took a ride out Dry Creek road to see some of the scenery in that neck of the woods. We stopped at Fay Canyon and hiked a little way into the canyon for a photo-op

After that it was getting near time for them to head back to Phoenix, so I just added a couple of brief stops. First we pulled into Centenial Park for a nice view across to where we had just been. Then, we drove down to Red Rock Crossing for another photo of the iconic Cathedral Rock.

As they had a long drive home and they still wanted to see the Chapel in the rocks, we parted ways and they headed down 179 for home. It was a nice surprise and great to see Joe and Carol and to reconnect with Chick and meet Shirl. We all enjoyed the day.

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