Thursday, February 11, 2010

On the Road Again, again!

Well the time to get on the road had come. The Super Bowl was history, the Jeep was loaded to the gills and the tank was full. We set out monday morning for New Jersey where we visited with Judy's cousin, Jim, his wife Deb and their son, Andrew. We had a very good, although short, visit. We all played Wie and had a blast. It was my first time playing. It is very humbling to be skunked by a 4 year old.
From there we headed south to NC to freeload off the Hathaways. We were picking up my brother-in-law, Curt, who is coming with us to spend a week in AZ. The drive to their home was pretty uneventful despite the record snow that had fallen in the Mid-Atlantic states, until Lady Garmin had us take the loop road around Baltimore. This is where we saw that the snow plowing leaves a bit to be desired. Lanes would just disappear as the plow must have meandered along the highway. Traffic was crawling and we lost a lot of time taking the safe route. We then encountered some driving rain before arriving in Weddington, NC around 6:30.
Curt and Terry had prepared a great meal of pasta with broiled tomatoes and great steaks. Kaleigh was away at UNC. She just got back from a full semester at the University of Ghana, yes, Ghana as in Ghana, Africa. And, guess what, she made the X-country team and competed in meets. What an experience.
Kelsey is a junior in a new high school. There is a new HS at the end of their street, so she had to go there. ALL of her friends are at the old HS. She is pretty despondent about it. But I think we cheered her up by saying, "Who needs friends" and "Friends are overrated". She has submitted some of her art work to be accepted in the Governor's School program this summer. She's pretty talented. Here are a couple of photos. The one on the left looks like an intreresting exercise and the one on the right is a Klimt.

We left NC at 6:45. After a stop at Starbucks we made our way through SC, GA, AL and into MS. We will visit the battlefield at Vicksburg today. The forecast is for a winter storm coming through, so we will hightail it to Texas around noon and hope we miss the brunt of the storm. More to follow.

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