Monday, February 22, 2010

Snow Day

Well, it's cold and snowy today so it's time to blog. (If "google" is a verb, then "blog" can be too).

We've had a fun few days since the last blog. Curt and I have taken a number of great hikes - Boynton Canyon and the old ruin along with a hike up Doe Mountain. We also took another drive down the Diamondback Gulch road (see last's years blog). We encountered 3 people who had rented ATVs, one of which broke down halfway up the last climb out of the gulch. We helped him shove it to the side of the trail and offered him a ride to the rental office but they decided to stay together and double up. I'm sure they had to walk up some of the other climbs.

My sister Carol, from California, arrived on saturday for a few days. She flew into Flagstaff so we drove up there to pick her up. She had a pretty bumpy flight as the weather was pretty bad. She is leaving today and Flag is snowed in, so she'll take the van to Phoenix and fly home from there.

On Saturday afternoon, I took a half day workshop on Intro to Pastel at the Sedona Art Center with Michael Chesley Johnson. It will finish up next saturday so I'll let you know how it went next week. I like the approach he is taking. We are all working from the same reference and following a process to get to completion. So far, so good.

Despite the shakey weather we had a great day on Sunday. In the morning we took the Jeep over the Broken Arrow trail. Carol and Curt had a blast (as did I).
Then, the 4 of us took the short hike into Fay Canyon and ate lunch on the boulders at the trail end. We got hailed on when walking out. It was an interesting experience. From there we went to the Sinaqua ruins at Honanki. Got hailed on there too. We had the place to ourselves. Who else would go out in this weather? As usual, we took the back trail home from Honanki and encountered lots of slick rock and mud (see Jeep photo).
This back road gives us great panoramic views from the Red Rocks of Sedona to the snow capped mountains to the south. Although it was a bit stormy, from time to time an opening would appear in the clouds and throw sunlight across the landscape and light up some of the red rocks. It was really impressive. Here are a couple of Curt's photos.


  1. Snow, hail, mud! Looks like that new jeep is already broken in. Can't wait to see the new pastels.

  2. Ah, can't get away from New England weather! I agree, Anne, can't wait to see the pastels!

    Cindy Kerr

  3. Don't get too excited. It is an "intro" workshop. We'll see.

  4. I can't wait to see the pastels, too. And so what if it's an 'intro' workshop. I'll be looking forward to seeing what you've worked on.

    Love the muddy jeep.