Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Another Government Cover-up

We stopped in Roswell, NM last Friday night. It was the nearest town to Carlsbad Caverns with a cheap Marriott (98 miles). What we discovered there was shocking.

It seems that in the 40's, a UFO crashed in the desert nearby with aliens on board. The goverenment refutes this fact and claims that it was only a weather balloon and not a UFO. There was no evidence of any weather balloon in the area on that specific day, so I don't know what the government was talking about.

Here is the proof as shown in this giant shoe-box diarama of the analysis of an alien.

At the UFO Museum, you can follow the newspaper accounts of the crash landing as well as do research by watching some Hollywood movies made about the landing. Also, there are many photos of UFO's and accounts of alien abductions.

We were hoping to get a ride in a space craft, but had another 598 miles to go to get to Sedona. Oh well....


  1. What about Area 57?

  2. O-o-o-ps. "Area 57" is actually Area 51 and it's in Nevada not New Mexico. It's restricted airspace for the Nevada Test Range of Nellis AFB. Sorry

  3. You guys are so smart to make interesting stops along the way. I can imagine that the UFO Museum was fascinating.