Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Heading West Again - into the Storm of the Year

Well, here we are again, heading to Sedona. Due to the forecasts of a major storm heading east across the midwest, we decided to head out a little early. After finishing the packing and cramming the Jeep with stuff we left Sunday, the 30th, and stopped at our friend Sandy's house in East Longmeadow. This allowed us to get an hour or so jump on our trip which we used to go about an hour further the past two days to get by the storm. It was 13 degrees when we left E. Longmeadow and the only problem was getting through Hartford at rush hour. Got a bit lost trying to avoid some of the rte 91 traffic.

The first night we stopped in Harrisonburg, VA, home of James Madison University. It was an uneventful trip and we left under cloudy skies. From there we headed to Nashville. The forecast was for a major storm but it seemed to be going a bit north of our route. In fact we had a mostly pleasant ride, even a bit of sun, on the way. We had nice weather until about 2 hours from Nashville. It started to drizzle, then rain and I finally had to actually put on my wipers. So much for the Storm of the Year.
The number one story in the news was the storm with the secondary story the protests and demonstrations in Cairo. It will be interesting to reread this blog in the future to see how things ended up in Egypt and if we actually get to visit the Pyramids in November 2011 as planned.

Thanks to all who texted, called and emailed to express their concern about our travels, but it looks like you guys got the worst of the whole deal.


  1. Happy trails, Tony! Looking forward to seeing you two when you get here.

  2. You can say that again!! And the stores are running out of Halite because it changed to sleet and freezing rain.

  3. Well, we'll be happy to see our friends in Sedona but feel bad for the friends we left behind in frigid NE.