Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Painting with Michael Chesley Johnson, et al

Recently, I went out painting with Michael Johnson and one of his students who was in town for one of Michael's workshops. As his student, San, was adventersome, we decided to take the Jeep down Dry Creek rd to FR 152. Judy and I had already been down that road this year and determined that the name was accurate as the creek, which is normally over my hubcaps at certain crossings, was bone dry. So, as we would not have any water scenes to paint, we stopped at one of our favorite spots with a 360 degree view of the area. Although Judy and I had been to this spot many times and like to bring our company there, I had never painted there. So, we all set up and attempted slightly different views. Here is my 8x10 version of the backlit side of Thunder Mountain.

From there we drove further down 152 to an open spot, had our lunch and set up for another painting. Here is a photo of Michael and San in the process of creating some masterpieces.
This part of 152 was lower in altitude so we had to look up to compose our potential paintings. We all set up looking in different directions but drove out with each of us carrying another painting. Not sure if this has a name, but here it is.

Michael has been kind enough to invite me to join him and his students any time I can. I'll be taking advantage of that invitation.

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