Monday, March 5, 2012

Alive and Kickin'

We haven't had anything too unusual to post but we are still alive and kickin' here in Sedona. Our daily life is a lot like at home, only different.

For starters, we do have strange creatures chowing down on the grass on our patio. We've had these critters before but they seemed to have increased a bit in population.

Another critter that was around a lot last year was Tucker the Cat. We even had food in the house to feed him. He seems to have been driven off by a couple of younger cats who have taken over. If there is the slightest crack in the door, one of them will come in and make himself at home. Here he is reading the Van Gogh book while Judy takes a nap

We have been getting out of the house too to take some hikes. We like Marg's Draw which links with other trails so we can extend it if we want to. There is great scenery along this trail even tho it is very close to downtown Sedona.

We have wanted to try to find the location of the subject of a painting we bought at the Plein Air Festival a couple of years ago. It is the "Swimming Hole" by Josh Bean. We think it is at the end of Parson's Trail. So we set out to find it. The trailhead is 12 miles down a dirt road from Cottonwood and then an 8 mile R/T hike. So, after stopping for lunch and a coupla beers at the Grasshopper Cafe in Cornville with Bill and Sarah , we decided to just find the trail head. Here is a view from the top of the cliff overhanging the trail. It is a steep descent but then (we understand) relatively flat for most of the trail. We'll do it at a later date.

Today we took a hike on a loop that goes for a couple of miles but is very hilly. Lots of ups and downs. But, great scenery. Our loop consisted of two trails, the Jordan and the Cibola and included great views of up-close and distant formations. Here's Judy resting at the top of the saddle on the Cibola trail with a view of the Fin (aka the Sail) in the background.

This year we have neighbors in the guest house by the car port. There are two lovely young ladies who are in Sedona for an intense PT workshop. They are both physical therapists at a hospital in St Croix. Sayi and Venne spend long hours at the workshop but had time to watch the Oscars with us and we all went out to dinner at Casa Bonita before Sayi went home.

Venne will be here another couple of weeks so we hope to see more of her and show her a little bit more of Sedona. (and I want them to play my March Madness Pool) .

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