Sunday, March 11, 2012

Wilson Canyon

Yesterday we had a quick visit from Michael and Joanne Crehan and their daughter, Kim. They are in Scottsdale for the week and swung by Sedona for the day. The Crehans are originally from Walpole and Joanne is the daughter of Alice Cosman and she was in Judy's first teaching class as a fifth grader. More about them later when Joanne sends some pictures.

We got up this morning and had a list of things to do. So we decided to take a hike before it was too late. After some contemplation we chose Wilson Canyon as it relatively short and close by. The trail head is near the Midgley Bridge, for those who know the area. The trail splits off from the more challenging Wilson Mountain trail and runs down hill along the creek. There are beautiful vistas almost immediately on the trail.

How's This?

Soon after taking the photo, I caught up with Judy as she made her way down toward the creek. The path criss-crosses the creek in a number of places but there was no water to worry about. So crossing is very easy.

The trail climbs and descends back and forth along the creek. It really has a nice variety of terrain. Much of it is in the shade which would make it enjoyable in the hot weather.

Near the end of the trail, there is a short, steep pathway that leads to an open area that gives a great view of the surrounding landscape.

On the way back, Judy stopped to admire the scenery where the creek would flow over huge rocks on its way down to merge into Oak Creek. Maybe you can see her on the right side of the photo. This would be a great spot when the water is flowing.

Wilson Canyon has definitely made our short list of trails to take with our visitors. It has varied terrain, terrific scenery, isn't too long and, best of all, we don't have to drive through downtown Sedona to get to it.

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