Thursday, March 29, 2012

Butler Wash near Bluff Utah

Butler's Wash runs along the east side of the Comb Ridge in southern Utah. It runs south to north from rte 163 near Mexican Hat to 95 near Blanding. The Sullivans and the The Donovans drove in from the southern end. We were looking for the Wolfman petraglyphs in a small canyon along the trail. After about a mile, there is a dirt road on the left just before the first cattle crossing. It leads to a small parking area and further to a area of slick rock just before a path that should lead one to Anasazi wall art.

We parked the Jeep on the slick rock and followed the trail, what there was of a trail.

The area is noted for the Wolfman petraglyph which was not that obvious to find. We walked around the ledge looking across the ravine trying to spot the wall art. On the opposite side of the ravine are a few ruins. Here's Judy looking across the way at one of the ancient cliff dwellings.

Using binoculars, we finally located the wall art which was a distance away. After climbing over/between some huge boulders, we picked up the trail that lead from the left end of the slickrock. The pathway led along a narrow trail hugging the ledge and then beyond a large alcove. The wall art was located in the dark patch of desert varnish located to the right of the alcove.

Bill and I worked our way along the ledge and under the alcove to come to the Wolfman art work. Here's Bill heading down from the alcove to get a view of the wall art.

This site was definitely worth the detour. It took a bit to actually find the wall art, but we are glad we persisted. Here is a great example of wall art from the Ancestral Pueblans

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