Friday, April 10, 2009

Chihuly at the Desert Botanical Garden

On Thursday, we picked up Mike and Pam Noble at Sky Harbor airport. We decided to take advantage of the trip to Phoenix to take in the Chihuly exhibit at the Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden. This was a fascinating exhibit. Chihuly, a native of Washington state who studied and taught at RISD, has exhibited all over the world. He recently had an exhibit at RISD.

His work is interspersed with the native tree, wild flowers and cacti. The place is very interesting on its own, but was really spectacular with the blown glass. We went late in the afternoon, so there was a lot of good lights and shadows on the glass. They are lit up at night which must really be something. Here are a few photos.

Today we start a forced march of tourism with Mike and Pam. They are only here for a few days so we will cram in as much as humanly possible.


  1. Those are fantastic! I love Chihuly' s work.

  2. Thanks for the pictures.

    We saw Chihuly in Miami at Fairchild Botanical Gardens a few years ago and enjoyed it a lot.

    It's really interesting to see how he interpreted the desert, vs. what we saw in the setting of a lush green garden with lots of ponds.

    Margaret and Woodie

  3. On Dale Chihuly's website,, I was able to see the entire installation at the Desert Botanical Garden. Wow. I know it's no where as cool as seeing them in person, but still. Of course, then I killed a lot of time looking at many of the other installations shown there.