Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pastel Session

When Judy's cousin Bonnie and husband John were here recently, Bonnie and I tried to get out painting one day. Bonnie is an accomplished watercolorist and wanted to try her hand at some plein air red rocks. But, alas, we were having too much fun touring to squeeze that in.
So, instead, Bonnie and I sat down for an indoor pastel session. She had never tried them before and was anxious to do so. We picked a photo of a subject that wasn't too complicated to draw and both did "studies" of the same location on 5x5 pastel paper. As she had never used pastels and I had already done 3, I was the master. Actually, I just took her through the process that Kim took me through to create a quick piece and frame it (thanks, Kim). It was very rewarding to complete something and see the results in a frame. Of course, we could have worked them to death and then not been happy at all with the results.
Here they are. Quite a difference in styles. It is always fun to have several people work on the same scene and see the results. Guess who did which one.


  1. Tony! What fun to see these. Good for you for being the master, too. I think they both came out great.

    (Yours is the one on the left?)

  2. Yours on the left--Bonnie's on the right?

  3. In the absence of any more guesses, YOU ARE CORRECT!

  4. Tony - thanks for the "accomplished watercolorist"!! It was fun & will try it again at home. Lots of photos to inspire me. Bonnie