Sunday, April 26, 2009

New Photos

Here are some new photos you might find interesting. No real blog, just photos.

Is this where designs for Navajo rugs come from?

Mike Noble had to get in some exercise in Monument Valley

Pam and Judy help me get over a major hump on the Broken Arrow trail.

This view of the Little Colorado River Gorge was impressive.
Here is the first view of the Grand Canyon from Desert View.

Bonnie needs some help getting the close-up shot in the Canyon.

Close up view of the Grand Canyon (sorry about the wind noise in the video)

Road to "Nowhere". The back road to Jerome from Williams, AZ.


  1. OMG Tony-I was scared watching you get so close that edge. Beautiful view though, just freakin' scary.

  2. Are you nuts? Watching you get that close to the edge made my vertigo kick in!

  3. Have enjoyed your adventures but this is the best. Was getting really nervous as you approached the edge.
    Cousin Sue