Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sedona Wildlife

After going on a bird watch recently and seeing some hummingbirds and seeing some at Taliesin West in Phoenix, we decided to pick up a hummingbird feeder at the local hardware store. I made up a mixture and hung it on a nail on the deck. When a few weeks went by and I hadn't seen any activity, I was about to return it as a faulty feeder. When lo and behold a couple of Anna hummingbirds (at least that is what I think they are) started to show up. There are a pair of them now and they dart in an out during the day. They hit the feeder then buzz off to hide in an apple tree then come back for more. Today, I stood by the feeder and waited for a few minutes til I heard the hum, then looked up and snapped this picture. Pretty Cool, huh! Double click on the photo to blow it up.


  1. If this was the first time you have ever put up a feeder, it will take the hummingbirds a little while to find it. Once they have discovered it and are used to it, you will be surprised by the number of visitors you will have at your feeders.

    Also, hummingbirds have excellant mories, so they will often return to the same food souce year after year.

    If you would like much more information about hummingbirds, please click the links below. The sites contain many articles about hummingbirds, video clips about hummingbirds, an informative tips booklet on hummingbirds, and much more.

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    Hummingbirds For Mom

  2. What a pretty sight to have right outside your window!