Thursday, April 22, 2010

Judy's Amazin' Coincidence

Recently, our friend Sandy visited for a week. Most of the time I was off painting with friends while Judy and Sandy tooled around in the Jeep. On one of their tours they were parked in a trail head parking lot when a couple in the next car asked how Judy liked the Rubicon. The conversation ensued and at one point the guy asked where they went to college. Judy and Sandy responded in West Virginia. The guy asked was it WVU. The ladies responded that it was a small college named Bethany. At that point the air was shattered by the cries of excitement. The other couple, about 8-10 years younger had both gone to Bethany. Harris and Barbara Bucklin knew all the same places, same professors and it turns out, Barbara was in the same sorority and Harris worked with the husband of Judy's college roommate. They had such a great time remeniscing that they decided to get together for dinner. Judy and Sandy told me that they were coming for drinks and we would go out to Casa Bonita, our favorite little store-front Mexican restaurant. I said, "Man, am I going to have to listen to Bethany stories all night?". Judy reminded me that she has put up with Weymouth stories for 44 years. Anyway, they were a great couple and we had a terrific time. Judy and Sandy are planning a road trip to visit them in VA and reconnect with other old friends. Who knows, maybe we'll look them up on our way to the Outerbanks one of these years.

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