Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rafting the Colorado (OK, floating the Colorado)

One of the reasons to go to Page was to take a 4 hour easy float down the Colorado. Had we not gone to Antelope Canyon in the morning, this would have been the absolute highlight of the trip. As it was, it was very impressive and we enjoyed it. It starts with an underground bus ride down to the base of the Glen Canyon Dam. We had a pontoon boat that held about 25 people sitting in the middle and on the pontoons. The guide, Kyle, pointed out wildlife and explained a bit about the geology of the area, although he had trouble pronouncing the word "geologists". He also regaled the audience with tales of his wild high school days camping, swimming and sort of trashing the area. The trip ended at Lee's Ferry where the Grand Canyon officially begins. There is a line across the river with orange balls on it indicating mile zero of the canyon. Lee was a Mormon who was implicated and convicted of involvement in the Mountain Meadow massacre of Arkansan pioneers by a group of Mormons and Paiute indians. The Mormons were retaliating against anyone from Arkansas for injustices against them in Arkansas. (there was a lot going on at the time between the rest of the US and Utah). John D. Lee and a couple of his cohorts dressed as Paiute but were recognized during the seige so they decided to assasinate all the pioneers, about 120 men, women and children, except for a few very young children. They attempted to cover it up but were eventually exposed and brought to justice. But, I digress.....

Here are some pictures that either Pam or I took. In fact, some of the photos from Antelope were Pam's too.

Beautiful views of the Navajo Sandstone walls in Glen Canyon as the Colorado works its way toward the Grand Canyon.

Our intrepid guide, Kyle.

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  1. The third picture was the most spectacular! What great color and detail of the huge upheaval of the rock.

    Would love to drift down the river like that to the mouth of the Grand Canyon!

    (Tony: see comment five in the next post down.)