Sunday, February 8, 2009

Added a photo and video

I added a photo of some rock steps and a brief video to the Scouting out locations post below.


  1. As a member of the back seat crew (with Judy), I can attest to the bumpiness of both the Vultee Arch Road (the most recent photos) and our Crown King adventure earlier in the week! Judy and I figure we are getting ab exercise all day long just trying not to bounce out of the jeep! Tony is a first rate driver and Bill and I are very glad to let him drive and leave our car at home.
    Tony will definitely be ready to act as a tour guide, and Judy is rapidly learning all about the native plants, etc, so all you visitors can expect a fun trip!

  2. Hi Tony:
    Your photos are amazing. I am so jealous. We've had 2 days of melting temps here and the ground is still covered in white. Looking forward to the art you will be posting!