Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thought I'd post another picture from Schnebly Hill Rd.

On our first little road trip on Monday, we drove up Schnebly Hill rd in Sedona. It is only open halfway to its endpoint at this time of year, but we got some great views of the area anyway, see above. Schnebley was one of the original "founders" of Sedona and wanted to name the town after himself. The Postmaster said the name was too long so he named it after his wife, Sedona. Of course there had been many Indian tribes inhabiting the area for centuries before the Spanish and Americans showed up.
On the way up the hill I noticed a hiker I thought I recognized walking his dog. Sure enough, it was Michael Johnson, an artist I had met at the Sedona Art festival in October. He and his wife, Trina, are in Sedona for a few months and he will be conducting a number of workshops. Check out his website ( ). I hope to get out painting with him from time to time.

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  1. How nice to run into a fellow artist so soon after arriving!

    Love the shots of the scenery. The terrain boggles the mind when you try to think about the geology of it all. Rock types and layers,time, wind, weather, erosion.