Saturday, February 7, 2009

Scouting out locations

Yesterday, my new set of pastels arrived. In case you don't know, the set is made up of a bunch of little chalky sticks. There are 80 different colors in the set. The trick is finding the right color to match what you are seeing. So, I got a little energy and decided to scout out some painting locations. One potential spot was on a trail off of Dry Creek rd. So we took the Jeep out for a ride in the late afternoon. I will be painting next week with Michael Johnson and this is one area he wanted to check out. There are a lot of great spots and plenty of places to pull the Jeep off the trail. Couldn't this picture be an ad for Jeep Wranglers? The book we have mentioned a side trail that was more difficult that led to an old cabin. So, when you see a fork in the road, take it. The first part was just a dirt road, then we hit Dry Creek, which wasn't dry, then had to go into 4WD low to rock crawl up the other side of the creek to an overlook where the cabin was. It was a blast. Only scraped bottom a couple of times. Here's a video of the climb.It doesn't really do it justice. But the picture below shows it's not always about the red rocks. We'll go back in the morning this week to check out the scenery in the early part of the day.


  1. Your camera takes amazingly clear pictures. I love "Dry Creek" Blew it up and it was even better.

  2. Wow! That's a road? The picture on the left wasn't there yesterday. Did you just add it?

  3. I just added the picture of the "rock climb" path today. I think I'll add a video too but it doesn't do it justice.