Sunday, February 8, 2009

Secret Canyon

Yesterday afternoon, Judy and I went out with Bill and Sarah on another hike on a trail off of Dry Creek rd. It is called Secret Canyon. The first couple of miles on the trail are fairly easy so Judy had no problem. Bill and I went a bit further into the canyon before turning around and catching up with Judy and Sarah. Bill and I turned around near where the Dave Miller trail goes up to the top of one of the mesas. Dave was a local forest guy who disappeared on a hike a few years ago without a trace.

Anyway, I was looking for good spots for painting. There are plenty of good views but not always enough room to set up an easel or to step back to see the work in progress. Plus I was looking for places close to the thrailhead so I wouldn't have to walk too far with my gear. OK, I'm lazy.

We are expecting a few days of rain, so the Dry Creek rd may be impassable later on in the week. It is already in pretty bad shape. And the Dry Creek may have a lot of water in it too. We'll see. Here is another shot of the creek with some reflections.

Of course there are always places to get these great panoramic views. This was taken late in the afternoon.

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