Monday, February 9, 2009

Roast Javelina anyone?

Pulling into Bill's driveway the other day, I spotted some action in the bushes. I waited a minute a couple of families of javelinas/peccaries/sangliers/wild pigs came strutting out across the path. I guess they do a number on the foliage in the yard.

I read in wikepedia, so it must be true, that one way to tell the difference between these similar mammals is by examining their tusks. So, if you ever encounter one in the wild, just get it to say, "Ah!" and you determine where it came from.


  1. Hey Tony,
    These posts are great. I love seeing the wildlife, too!

    By the way, you've been blogging for how long? Look at all your follower! I'm very impressed!!!

  2. Wonder what they'd taste like roasted?

  3. I was going to say that they can't taste that good. Must be like the Canada Geese.

  4. It's actually not that bad! Javelinas are pretty prevalent down here in South Texas. A friend of mine recently grilled up some backstrap wrapped in bacon. It wasn't great - a bit tough, but definitely not bad.

  5. Hi Tony and Judy,

    We are enjoying your blog - - great stories and pictures and adventures.

    Wonderful lines, like in the previous entry: "Not to worry. Judy makes me carry a first aid kit and a shovel (to bury the dead in case the first aid doesn't work>)"