Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Weather Reports

I've mentioned that the weather here has taken a turn for the worse, but that is relative. I snowed the other night but really wasn't much of a problem, although we heard today that school had been cancelled. Here is a picture of the rain in Sedona with some of the snow in the higher elevations.

While we were at the movies we got a couple of inches of wet snow. Saw Slumdog, go see it! Plus, if you buy a large popcorn, you take the bag home and get a free refill the next time. I'm there. But, I digress. The snow looked great in the morning. One thing that I found pretty interesting, which you may or may not, is how our dry arroyo filled up. Behind our house there is an arroyo that separates our neighborhood from the one behind us and is active when there is runnoff from Oak Creek. It has been dry since we got here. The other day, I looked in our back yard to the left and saw that there was water rushing through it. I quickly looked straight ahead and saw the beginning of the flood as it came through and saw the wave cut its way towards the right. So, we actually saw the "flashflood" as it began and made its way down the creek bed. It wasn't really much of a flood, but I thought it was cool to catch it happening. Not sure I described it well, but maybe you get the picture.

Anyway, when the sun does come out on the snowy red rocks, the sights are pretty mazing.

BTW, for you artists in the crowd, I added Michael Chesley Johnson's blog to this blog. There is a lot of good stuff about plein air painting.


  1. Holy popcorn!

    Loved this post, Tony. Next best thing to being there? No! But still loved reading it.

    Hope you're finding time for some artwork.

  2. If it's playing there, also check out "Gran Torino". Gene, who rarely goes to a movie, couldn't stop talking about it.

  3. Gran Torino is there. That is next on our list as they seem to be changing over some of the movies.
    I couldn't eat all my popcorn during Slumdog. Stuffing my face with food during that movie reminded me of Seinfeld making out during Schindler's List. I felt a little guilty. So, I'll wait and stuff myself during Gran Torino. That will make my day...

  4. Tony, I'm enjoying your pictures from back here in Boston! Glad you are discovering all of the wonderful benefits of our friendly little town. We're expecting to see a lot of art production when we get back, given all the bad weather. Maybe the Crown King store?

  5. Hey Judy and Tony,
    I find it fascinating that you can go from the sophistication of la belle France and la plus belle Paris to the stark but exciting west in what seems like one big giant step.

    I thought you had gone s.w. to escape the snows just as I do from the Finger Lakes. You are having your share of wild adventures bet snow, flooding streams and wild boar.

    Keep safe!