Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Settling in

Even tho we are in a relative paradise, normal life must go on. I had my 12000 mile checkup yesterday in Cottonwood. We've put 3096 miles on the Jeep since we left home. Did some shopping to stock up the fridge and waited for the Cable Guy. Problems with cable exist everywhere. The guy did show up on time but left before things were really working. He said it will take a little while for the program guide to show up. 4 hours and 2 phone calls later it still hasn't shown up. I gotta wait for the cable guy again.

We drove up to the Sedon airport which is on the mesa behind our place. See photo. One of the best views of the area. That's Coffee Pot rock just above my huge head.
Today, we plan on taking a ride on the Schnebley Hill trail which is only open halfway until spring. Tomorrow, it is supposed to be great weather so we will take a backroad tour of some old mining towns near Prescott. I'll take a few photos.

Just so you don't think it is beautiful here all the time, we expect rain/snow starting friday for a couple of days. If my pastels arrive by then I'll have something to do indoors.
BTW, that was a great Super Bowl game the other day. Pretty exciting considering we had no real rooting interest in the game. Lots of big plays and action. We didn't really see the commercials but I've seen another one of the eTrade baby talking about his golf game. Those are really clever.


  1. Yay! What fun to see the two of you with the grand vista!

    I can't wait to see some artwork!

  2. My pastels should arrive by next monday. It is supposed to be bad weather over the weekend so I could have put them to some use (almost said "good use"). I'll set up my oils somewhere inside, on the deck or the garage.

  3. Watching the Super Bowl without a passion for either team can be a liberating experience. I watched it here in France until the 1st quarter (6 hours ahead)..with French braodcasters. Cant have anything funnier that that...try blocked pass in Franglais or tight end for that matter.
    Happy to keep track of your meanderings.
    Jo S

  4. I think I would trade the superbowl game for a trip to Sedona! You didn't miss too much, really.
    Great colors behind you there. Looks like it agrees with you. Keep the stories coming!

  5. Who needs cable when you've got views like that!

  6. Ant Judy...what about them Still'rs???

  7. I had my "terrible towel" waving and I won $60 as the only one picking the Still'rs. It was a pretty good game.