Sunday, February 1, 2009

Finally made it...

We we finally made it. As expected, we didn't sleep too well so we got up early and were on the road by 6:15. The sun coming up behind us was blinding in the rear view mirror. I had to wait til an approaching truck threw a shadow on the Jeep before I could see anything. I stayed in the right lane until I had better visibility. Lots of casinos along the road that do pretty well with all the trucks going through. Saw some really long trains too. Despite the fact that we are crossing on an interstate, the scenery is still pretty beautiful. Not something one can see too many other places.

We finally got to the cutoff for Oak Creek Canyon about 11:45 and then made it to our place by 12:15. It is better than the photos we had. It is in a little neighborhood with a dry arroyo behind it. There are some nice trees in the yard and it occured to me that we will see them blossom before we come home.

Well, off to Bill and Sarah's house for the Super Bowl. Seems funny to be going in to watch a game on such a bright sunny afternoon.

Judy has her Terrible Towel and I am rooting for Curt Warner.



  1. Yay Steelers!! Great finish.

  2. It was a terrific Super Bowl game. I don't think too many people expected that.

  3. Hurray that you've arrived!

    I have enjoyed following your trip and can't wait for more photos of your new digs.

    Wish I could finagle a visit....
    This winter is such a drag.